Questions and answers 

What is The Rosh Pina Adventure?

One-of-a-kind and innovative game experience taking place in the Old Rosh Pina. A game based on Augmented Reality technology, your quick-wittedness and speed. The experience is turning the sleepy settlement into an action field - half virtual and half real.


What is special about it?

The activity is taking place in real time in the real world while taking you to historic virtual world and providing space for team building, cooperation and humor.


Is the activity suitable for groups?

Most definitely! Get in touch with us or leave your details and we will make you an offer tailored to your needs.  


Do we need to order in advance?

We recommend to order in advance, so that we can secure you a place in the date and time that fits you. In case you haven’t, you can call us and we will try our best to accommodate you.


How long is the activity?

The activity itself is 1-1.5 hours long, afterward you can continue your Rosh Pina visit and enjoy the benefits offered to our guests.


What are the opening hours?

Every day 8:00-22:00. In summertime we recommend to avoid the noon hours because of the heat.


Do we play on our phones?

There is an option to play on your own devices, we will send you a special link to download the game. Alos, you can opt to use our phones.


How much does it cost?

Here is the price list for you to check out, the price depends on the number of players.


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order at no charge up to 48 hours in advance.


How do we pay?

You can order your ticket on this website or call us. Or you can send us a Whatsapp message or mail, and we will come back to you. There is a pre-payment of 50 shekels per group at the time of ordering, the rest you can pay us in credit or cash on the spot.


Is there a maximum number of players?

Up to 50 people can play the game in the same time and up to 200 people with additional activities that we can provide. Visitors play the game in groups of up to 5 players each, depending on the total size size of your group.


Is the game suitable for kids?

The game fits all ages! Want to play parents against kids? Seems like we know who is going to win here..


Is the game suitable for adults?

Sure - we have an adult version called “On the Baron’s expense”, which is more serious, but still funny and challenging.


How to dress?

We recommend to dress in comfortable clothes (and shoes!) depending on the season. It’s a 100% outside game!


What happens if it rains in the time we are scheduled to come?

It’s an outside game, so rain can be part of it and there is plenty of roofed places here. However, we monitor for showers and if the case, will reach out to you in order to cancel.

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