The Rosh Pina Adventure 

A historical augmented reality magical mystery tour  


Come and exercise your mind (and legs!) in an amazing adventure game combining reality and imagination, humor, fascinating history and cutting edge technology.

And it all really happened!

מסלול למשפחות וילדים בראש פינה

Based on the theft on the Baron’s money in 1889, the experience links generations, fun, touring, challenge and added value

פעילות לילדים באתר השחזור ראש פינה

Dubbed and subtitled into English for tourists and locals that prefer English

פעילות למבוגרים בראש פינה

Intriguing plot and corruption in the early days of the First Aliya. The cute characters compete in juicy cursing (in Yiddish!), mystery and drama in the stone alleys of the colony

Augmented Reality (AR) is the technological future for all of us, it blends virtual elements into the real world with the help of phonescreens. Digital objects and characters come to life and are integrated into the real world


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How does it work?

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Sign-up on the website

Choose the convenient hour and date

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Take a selfie with cool characters

Share it with those who to stayed at home 

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Download the app 

You can play the game on your device or borrow ours 

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Enjoy a historic  technological experience  

Discover the old settlement and solve the mystery 

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Get up to Rosh Pina and meet the guide

A short tutorial and you are on your way 

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Get perks and benefits around you

So that you can enjoy all Rosh Pina has to offer !

The activity itself is 1-1.5 hours long

We recommend to continue the trip in attractions within a walking distance

 Rosh Pina Nature Reserve and Nimrod Lookout (free entrance)


A splendid experiential game in the alleys of Rosh Pina. A chance to learn, travel,  entertain and be together

Ofira Paltiel


From my short (too short!) experience I was left with a taste for more. I am waiting for my grandkids to come over so they could also experience this incredible adventure. 

My honest appreciation to the developers and initiators!


A great experience combining history and technology - the kids have connected, the parents had fun and it was all part of an amazing walk in the alleys of old Rosh Pina!

Highly recommended, waiting for the next adventure

Tali Yahav Amir


Reach us at

Old Rosh Pina, Ha-Boulevard St.


Phone: 054-5935040

Opening hours

08:00 - 17:00

Sun - Thurs, Saturday